Build SNAP from source code without Sentinel1 menu

Hello, every one . I build snap from github source. And I can open a SNAP-desktop, but without S1TBX tools. What caused it problem?

My Program arguments in Intel IDEA

“/home/lidaan/Downloads/Project/SNAP/snap-engine//target/classes": "/home/lidaan/Downloads/Project/SNAP/s1tbx//target/classes”:
“/home/lidaan/Downloads/Project/SNAP/s1tbx/rstb//target/classes": "/home/lidaan/Downloads/Project/SNAP/s1tbx/jlinda//target/classes”

It looks like no errors.

As the formatting has messed up your post, it is not easy to spot what is wrong here. As it looks like you followed the steps from the s1tbx readme, I’d like to point you to the Developer’s wiki, where the arguments are described slightly differently: . Maybe this’ll help. Also, please make sure you run ‘mvn clean install’ on the s1tbx. It sometimes is useful to run it on snap-desktop, too.

I got the similar error. @lidaan92 Did you manage to solve it?

I am trying to build SNAP from source using guide found here:

I am able to build and launch SNAP but s1tbx plugin was not showing in SNAP desktop app launched from source using Intellij. I installed s1tbx by sudo mvn clean install -DskipTests=true
Is this issue relate to the setting of Program arguments ?
Please, can someone help me fix the issue of s1tbx plugin?
Thank you.

You can try use s1tbx 6.0 version and compile it.

Good Luck

It should work with the latest version. It is building properly s1tbx or do you have any error?
To test, you could also try to add the plugin s1tbx manually when you launch snap: Menu->tools->plugins->Downloaded and select the nbm files you will find in “s1tbx\s1tbx-kit\target\netbeans_site”

Hello @lidaan92 @obarrilero
Thank you for your response.
I solved the issue. It is with the I used modified with latest version of SNAP. It doesn’t work. I used v 6.0 to resolve the issue.

By using default in v 8.0 S1tbx works fine.