Bulk processing gpt

Hi i’m working on processing of sentinel-1 GRD files with xml script.

I’m preprocessing sentinel-1 GRD files using following steps.

  1. Apply orbit file
  2. Thermal Noise Remove
  3. Calibrate
  4. Speckle filter
  5. Terrain Correction
  6. LinearToFromdB
  7. Save it as netcdf file

When i do the following procedure, i cannot save local incidence angle in final netcdf file even if i selected savelocalincidenceangle at Terrain correction.
Is there any solution for this?

[Attachment : XML code]

I’m not a SAR expert. But I see that you do subset before the terrain correction. And from the forum I’ve learned that subset should bw the last step. Maybe this solves already the problem.

Thank you for reply @marpet

But the main problem is that when I do lineartofromdB, inclidence angle saved from terrain correction is disappeared after linear to db function. If I don’t specify the source product, it shows the local incidences angle but it is converted to log scale too…

Does it work if you do it in BEAM-DIMAP and export to NetCDF in a separate graph?