C2RCC - file reading problem

I have installed the snap version ( 5.0.0 ) as well as the C2RCC plugin and I go some error with the Landsat-8 process for reading MTL-files.

The strange fact, is that previously (one month ago) I could process Landsat-8 tiles without any problems.
The error is happening with various L-8 tiles and on different computers.

Does anyone have an idea or a tip to fix this problem?

Thank you very much!


Does 5.0.0 mean you have not installed any updates? SNAP Desktop and Engine are currently at 5.0.4 and S3TBX at 5.0.3…

no, I installed only the last current version available on step.esa, the 5.0.0. Where could the updates be dowloaded?

You should be informed about the updates. There is every now and then a balloon message shown in the lower right. Also you should see a little circle in the lower right corner of the tool bar.

I guess it is not only the C2RCC which can’t read the Landsat8 product, probably you can’t open them at all in SNAP, right?
Are these exactly the same files you were able to process a month ago?
You say there are various tiles which don’t work. Where are they located? Maybe they are up north or south and provided in Polar stereographic projection. These products are currently not supported.

Thank you very much. It is now working fine for L-8 tiles. There was a projection problem. I try it again with a conventional projection. It worked.