C2rcc_flags from pixEx is always 0 or 2147483647, although it isn't

I used pixEx with 100+ Sentinel-2 C2RCC products, and the c2rcc_flags column contained no other values than 0 and 2147483647. I double checked some of the products’ pixel info at extraction coordinates, and there should actually be different values, in particular 2147483648. Can someone please double check if this is a bug?

Have you tried to enable the masks in the PixEx options?
Do they give the appropriate results?

Yes, masks were enabled. I actually get 2147483647’s in both columns; ‘quality_flags’ and ‘c2rcc_flags’, although in one case, the former should be 269274317 and the latter 214748365. I contrast, ‘pixel_classif_flags’ are properly extracted.