C2RCC / S2/MSI - wrong outputs

hello everyone,

I’m running the C2RCC for S2-MSI in a scene (S2A_MSIL1C_20190711T110631_N0208_R137_T30TVT_20190711T113600) using default parameters. The processing runs well. However, when I inspect the Rrs values over deep waters, I see an almost flat spectrum shape, with high Rrs values for this type of target (0.31-0.32) and the scene is not contaminated with sungling. The values of TOA reflectance look well instead

Do you have any idea when I’m getting those results? There is something that I can change in the processing to obtain more reliable Rrs?

I’m using SNAP 6.0.10

thank you very much for any help you can provide


Hi Laura, C2RCC is designed for complex waters (Case 2) and the current NNs do not work properly on Case 1 (open ocean deep waters or oligotrophic waters).