Calibrate SAR image with S1TB from command line

Dear all,

I need to calibrate a Sentinel image from command line by using the S1TB. My final aim is that of putting the command line in a python script. Can anyone suggest me how to do or any available documentation in order to solve this problem?


To get a list of the operators type gpt -h
to get help on a particular operator type gpt -h operatorname

In this case,
gpt -h Calibration

Hi Iveci,

thanks for you reply. I just tried but the answer is the following:

gpt: illegal option – h

usage: gpt [-rv] [-p nparts] command [options] device …

I am on a mac. Is it different? Should I type gpt in a specific directory?



That’s a different program. Try calling the snap gpt using the full path.

Ok. I did. Now, the anwer that I receive is the following:

Error: Calibration: Mission GeoTIFF is currently not supported for


The online command is the following:

/Applications/snap/bin/gpt Calibration

Is there the possibility to calibrate just a subset of the image?


You cannot just use the tiff image as your input. It needs to be the whole product which is read by either using the as input or the product in a zip file

If you want to create a subset or only process a single swath or polarization, you will need to create a graph.

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Now, this is the error message

Error: No product reader found for


My command line is:

/Applications/snap/bin/gpt Calibrate

It seems that it’s looking for something in the snap directory.