Calibration Error

I try to calibrate a Sentinel-1 Product. (S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20150410T051641_20150410T051711_005417_006E4E_CAC6)

The output dataformat is Beam-Dimap and an Output sigma0 Band, Polarisations VH VV

I always have an error message

Mayby I am an totally Idiot and forgot something to do with the data before.

I already worked with TerraSar-X Data and I had no problems with the calibration…

Please help


Oh and I forgot to say, that the Error also exists in STBX1 and Snap

Did you tried with other S1A SLC data? I use the calibration often without any problems…please check whit other SLC

It’s possible the product is faulty. Try downloading it again or with another product.

I have the same problem. May be it is the memory problem of your computer. Because GRDH product is ok. But SLC gives this problem.

I also thought that it is a memory problem. GRDH is also OK. Do need more RAM?