Can I geo reference ALOS2 1.1 data using SNAP - Sentinel 1 Toolbox?

I have ALOS2 processing level 1.1 (SLC) data. I want to geo reference the scene. Is it possible with SNAP st1bx ?
I used PolsarPro to import, convert to multilook and coherency conversion as well as parameter decomposition. But sadly, PolsarPro does not support geo referencing.
Can anyone suggest me a workable suggestion.

Do you know how yet?

SNAP now has the functionality to georeference ALOS2 level 1.1 data. Just use one of the terrain correction options. To get the georeferenced product in PolSARPro, just terrain correct first in SNAP, then import to PolSARPro, as long as terrain correction does not interfere with the analysis you are doing. You can always pre-process, then terrain correct in SNAP, then import back to PolSARPro.