Can not open a Geotiff file in Sentinel toolbox 3.0

Hi everybody,

I have converted an image (with 15 bands) from ENVI extension to GeoTIFF (using ENVI) in order to open this image in SNAP. But SNAP can not open Geotiff file. There is an error notice:
A java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception has occurred.

Could anyone help me to fix this problem?
Thank you very much in advance.

Can you tell more about the exception.
Maybe you see the red stop sign at the lower right corner. If you click on it you get more information. It would be good if you post this here.
If this is not the case you can have look at the log file.
It is located on Windows at <USER_HOME>\AppData\Roaming\SNAP\var\log. AppData is by default a hidden folder. You might need to make it visible or navigate directly to it by entering the path in the address bar of the file explorer.
On Unix it is located at <USER_HOME>\.snap\var\log.
At this location you find the messages.log files. Please have look for the exception here and send it or even better attach the whole file.

Thank you very much for your response.
Here is exception

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 17
at it.geosolutions.imageio.plugins.tiff.TIFFField.getTypeName(
at it.geosolutions.imageioimpl.plugins.tiff.TIFFFieldNode.initialize(
at it.geosolutions.imageioimpl.plugins.tiff.TIFFFieldNode.getFirstChild(
at it.geosolutions.imageio.plugins.tiff.TIFFField.createFromMetadataNode(
at it.geosolutions.imageioimpl.plugins.tiff.TIFFImageMetadata.parseIFD(
at it.geosolutions.imageioimpl.plugins.tiff.TIFFImageMetadata.mergeNativeTree(
at it.geosolutions.imageioimpl.plugins.tiff.TIFFImageMetadata.mergeTree(
at javax.imageio.metadata.IIOMetadata.setFromTree(Unknown Source)
at it.geosolutions.imageioimpl.plugins.tiff.TIFFImageReader.getImageMetadata(
at org.esa.snap.dataio.geotiff.GeoTiffProductReader.readGeoTIFFProduct(
at org.esa.snap.dataio.geotiff.GeoTiffProductReader.readProductNodesImpl(
at org.esa.snap.core.dataio.AbstractProductReader.readProductNodes(
at org.esa.snap.core.dataio.ProductIO.readProduct(
at org.netbeans.modules.progress.ui.RunOffEDTImpl$
at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$
[catch] at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$

Im using window 7 . Could you guide me in more details to solve this problem? Im beginer :slight_smile:

There is not much you can do about. This is an already known problem. It is caused by an library we use. You are now the second one who is reporting this.

What you can do is to stick to Envi files load and merge the data in SNAP and store it into one GeoTIFF or NetCDF file.