Can not open S2A LC1 xml file in SNAP

I’m having some troubles trying to open S2A LC1 file in SNAP. I’ve download this files from Scientific Data Hub page:

I unzziped the files and when try to open xml files directly in SNAP, got the following message:

It only happens with this files. I have other files from before sensing dates and SNAP works perfectly. The only difference between those files is the filename, witch is different in the files I’m getting the error.

I’m working with SNAP 4.0. and by now, can’t get the latest version.

Hope you can help me.



there has been an evolution in the product format ( and the new products are not supported by the version 4.0. You need to install SNAP 5.0 to be able to open the latest product.
You can download it here:

Thank you very much your help!