Can s1tbx create layover/shadow masks during Terrain Correction?

I am interested in creating layover/shadow masks when I terrain correct Sentinel images using the toolbox. Is there any way to do so?

The option is in the SAR Simulation Terrain Correction

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Hey I am also Interested in creating Layover- shadow mask. Plz help me if any one has some idea or reference.

The option is in the SAR Simulation Terrain Correction.

Soldertraining and Lveci, could you please post the results of your Layover-Shadow mask? I have only had 0 values in all 3 resultant masks and Iā€™m looking for insight.
Thank you!

I want to create DEM but I want to show layover and shadow mask. Which proceess steps can I make for terrasar x sm image? when will I use sar simulate or which step?