Can SNAP deal with the MERIS data?

Dear Peter:
I download some MERIS L1P data, I want to process these data with gas absorption and rayleigh correction, then i will get the Bottom of rayleigh reflectance (BRR). But i am not use the SNAP and MERIS before, I don’t konw how to do this? Please help me, or you can give me some links to learn.
Thank you.

Yes, SNAP can deal with MERIS data. Just open the MERIS product and choose Optical->Preprocessing->Rayleigh Correction from the menu.

Thanks , I have found the function, and tested a meris data in your instruction. But I find it can only process the image one by one, how can I do batch processing. Because I have 5 years of the meris data needed to process.

I have found the batch processing. Thank you

Okay, you beat me :wink: . Anyway, if you have to deal with a lot of data (which you obviously do) this tutorial ( ) might be of interest to you.