Can´t open S2A

I am trying to open a S2A image from Lisbon-Portugal with snap and althought the program doesn´t state any error, no file is being read. Nothing happens.

If I try and open it with Import->OpticalSensors->Sentinel2->S2-MSI L1C tool I get the following error:

Can´t find reader for the given format ‘Sentinel-2-MSI-L1C_MultiRes-UTM31N’

Please help

Kind regards


Thanks for the report. There is indeed a problem opening a product with Import->OpticalSensors, there is an issue for this: SIITBX-143.

However you should be able to open your product with the generic File/Open product. You might have problems because you updated SNAP to the Beta-8, there were a lot of changes with this version that are not allays compatible with update. In that case you should uninstall SNAP and reinstall it.