Cannot construct databuffer - S1 TOPS Coregistration

Dear all,

I am following a polarimetric tutoral from After running S1 TOPS Coregistration, the process encounter an error “cannot construct databuffer”.

I have a laptop Win10 x64, i7-6700HQ CPU 2.6Ghz and 32G RAM.

From “step forum” I read all the related topics and applied the requested changes to increase my performance :

  • -Xmx24000 (70% of my RAM) ;
  • sysdm.cpl > new Var. : _JAVA_OPTIONS -Xmx24G ;
  • JavaConfig. : -Xmx24G and x64bit.

I am quite lost with this configuration problem, I would really appreciate your help.

Best regards,

Is it an option to run the steps separately?
Split > Orbit > Back Geocoding with ESD > interferogram > Deburst

Somehow the TOPS Coregistration takes more RAM at once.

Thank you for this solution. When do the task separately it works well and fast. But the problem is not understandable. Is that possible that i install the app in a wrong way?
Thank you for your time and your quick answer.

no, your installation is most probably fine. The TOPS Coregistration is just not very memory effective as it connects many separate steps.