Cannot export classified image from snap to ArcGIS

I have classified an image using SNAP. Now i want to export in ArcGIS. This exported image gives me different results. I want all class to be opened in ArcGIS.

This is the classified image.
and this is the result when I open it on ArcGIS.
I exported this imaged into GeoTIFF and NetCDF4 both.

Thanks in advance

the colors are not stored in the raster and not part of the export. You have to switch to “unique values” in the symbology of the raster in ArcMap to assign colors to the data again.

You can directly load the img file produced by SNAP by the way.

Classification in SNAP

Content of the folder


class_indices.img in ArcMap

Layer properties

switch to “Unique values” here


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Yes, it right. This information gets lost when exporting to GeoTiff or NetCDF.
In GeoTiff this information can’t be stored, but for NetCDF this is a bug [SNAP-1351] IndexCoding is not stored when exporting to NetCDF4.

This should be fixed with the next release of SNAP.

Thanks ABraun and marpet for your answer. It works fine.

Hello, exporting in NETCFD4 format worked for me (with SNAP 8.0)