Cannot open any dialogue box such as open product

Hi, I am quiet new to SNAP toolbox and recently I am facing some problems with opening products or applying orbit files and literally doing anything. As soon as I hit open product, it doesn’t work nor does any tools from the toolbar and I end up with java.lang.IllegalArgumentException error, please someone help me with this. P.S reinstalling SNAP or trying other versions does not help either. I am currently on windows 11 if that helps.
messages.log (50.6 KB)

That’s a strange issue.
The error indicates a problem in the implementation, but the implementation is part of the Java JDK and has not changed and works on several systems.

One idea to work around this problem is to change the look and feel.
You can do by going to:
Tools > Options > Appearance > Look and Feel.
And then selecting e.g., Nimbus

I have noticed something else strange in the log.
You are running SNAP with only one GB of assigned RAM. This is not enough to do something meaningful with SNAP. This might be the root of the problem.

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The messages.log has snap installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\snap, so you have the 32-bit version of SNAP 8. Are you using a 32-bit processor? How much RAM does the system have? Is Windows running natively or are you using some sort of VM? SNAP 9 does not offer a 32-bit version. Have you tried installing a 64-bit SNAP 8 or 9?

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hey, thanks for replying! @marpet I have tried changing appearance after reading your suggestion on a related problem but it didn’t fix it, also I didn’t assign any memory allocation by default and @gnwiii I have ran into same problem in 32 and 64 bit versions, I was checking out 32 bit version. I have 12 gigs of ram if that help.

SNAP should configure suitable memory settings at install time. My Windows 10 systems have 16G and I can use WSL and web browsers while SNAP is running, but 12G may limit what other tools can be used while SNAP is running. Use Windows Activity Monitor to check memory usage (note that some malware consumes large amounts of RAM while hiding its

Some web sites and virtual machines often hog all the RAM, so you may need to restrict other activities when using SNAP on your system. Once SNAP is working you can experiment to see what other activities are possible while SNAP is in use.

Sometimes SNAP stops working and needs a fresh install. I suggest renaming %USERPROFILE%\.snap to preserve any user data you may need in the future, then uninstall SNAP, reboot, and install and test the 64-bit version of SNAP 9 before starting other applications.

PS – I have seen cases where RAM failed so Windows was only able to use a fraction of the “installed” RAM.