Cannot open S2 data from 2022

Hello, I cannot open Sentinel-2 data from 2022, while older data opens normally. I am using SNAP 9.0.0. The error is:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Unable to retrieve the image tile layout associated to product [MTD_MSIL2A.xml]
at org.esa.s2tbx.dataio.s2.Sentinel2ProductReader.readProductNodesImpl(
at org.esa.snap.core.dataio.AbstractProductReader.readProductNodes(
at org.esa.s2tbx.dataio.s2.ortho.Sentinel2OrthoProductReaderProxy.readProductNodes(
at org.esa.snap.core.dataio.ProductIO.readProduct(
at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$
at org.netbeans.modules.openide.util.GlobalLookup.execute(
at org.openide.util.lookup.Lookups.executeWith(
[catch] at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$

Any advice is highly appreciated.

First, please install all the updates for SNAP 9.
If it still doesn’t work, can you provide an example of a product name that cannot be opened?
Thank you.

I had SNAP 9 installed. I just found that the problem was related to temporary files created in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SNAP. I renamed the folder “SNAP” to force to create a new folder in the next SNAP session. I can now open 2022-files. This also helped on another machine. I do not know exactly the root of the problem but at least I can work again now.