Cannot process Depth Invariance Index after C2RCC

This error message came up after trying to process with Sen2Coral’s Depth Invariant Index processing modue. The Image has undergone processes as such L1>Resampling>Subset>C2RCC. How to fix this?

The only way I’ve tried was deleting the band c2rcc_flags in Flag Codings and Bands folder. But this way would make the C2RCC processed product unreadable later while DII processed product is still readable.

I’m not sure why this happens.
The cause is the test at this location.
sen2coral-box/ at master · senbox-org/sen2coral-box (

At the moment, I’m not sure why this is done.
To ovrecome this you should leave out the c2rcc_flags band from the source band selection.
You can probably merge it afterwards if needed.

It could also help to save the C2RCC result to disk and start the DII processing from this one, if you haven’t done this already.

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Thank you, it worked by doing this

C2RCC result > draw polygons for “deep” and “sand” > save C2RCC > delete “c2rcc_flag” in Band folder > proceed calculation of Depth Invariant Indices > Close C2RCC product without saving it OR undo the “c2rcc_flags” deletion then save it.

This way the C2RCC product is still readable and the drawn polygons aren’t lost.