Cannot read files on Mac OS

Hi, Snap works on PC for me but not on Mac (that I prefer). I have tried on two Macs and installed and reinstalled - the problem remains I cannot open any product, the file choose seems corrupt as I cant even walk down in the file structure. A java error seems present example: java.lang.NullPointerException
at org.esa.snap.ui.SnapFileChooser.getIcon(

Anyone with similar experiences

I couldn’t work on my Mac (OS-X 10.10.5) with Snap as well (see: Installation problem with SNAP on Mac) however the problem was not exactly the same. I stopped trying. On the Mac of my colleague Snap works.

I have the impression that reinstalling does not remove all files Snap and the toolboxes installed

Did you use the latest installers ( version 2.0.2)?
Maybe you have once installed a beta version. If so you should ensure that you tick the checkboxes in the following image when uninstalling the old and installing the new version:

Not yet, thanks for the hint!

I did try that and before I made sure to erase all files as well but it did not help.

Thanks I get the same feeling although I have really tries to purge all
types of files related to snap.