Can't open L2A included the key .xml file with complex name

I have used Glovis to download some data at L1C level, and then I used sen2cor to get L2A data. I found some data are different from others. For example, The L1C data including a key file named like “S2A_OPER_MTD_SAFL1C_PDMC_20160926T165127_R063_V20160909T065622_20160909T065620.xml” will produce the equally complex L2A’s name such as “S2A_USER_MTD_SAFL2A_PDMC_20160806T001600_R117_V20160804T013657_20160804T013657.xml” by sen2cor.
SNAP cannot open these data, while can open the file named with “MTD_MSIL2A.xml” produced by a file named with “MTD_MSIL1C.xml”. And I found that the former is in 2016 and the latter in 2018. I need this data to analyze the time difference. But I can’t open the L2A files in 2016. How can solve this problem?
Thank you.

I’ve test the shorter path and it works! So I guess that the file name is so complex and long, which leads to a long path that can’t be recognized by SNAP.