Cell size in Sentinel1 toolbox


Is it possible to get the cell size (1px = ? meters) for an opened product with Sentinel 1 toolbox?

In the Abstracted Metadata, look for range and azimuth pixel spacing in meters.
It’s also shown ( 10 x 10 m ) in the product library for each product.

Thanks for your response.
I’ve found the rangePixelSpacing and azimuthPixelSpacing to be both equal to 10m, which agree with the fact that the product opened is of type GRDH and the aquisition mode is IW (indeed in this case, the pixel spacing is = 10m).

Is there a way to calculate the resolution of the product from the pixel spacing shown in the metadata, without using the table in https://sentinel.esa.int/web/sentinel/user-guides/sentinel-1-sar/resolutions/level-1-ground-range-detected ?