Change Detection in East-West Direction

Hello Dear Friends,
I have analyzed 15 images in SARPROZ for vertical displacement in time-series toolbox but I am curious that can I analyze the same sample data to detect the change in East-West Direction. If possible, how to do that.

Thank you very much.

I think it is not supported by SNAP at the moment. In case scenario of landslide,

Thanks for your answer @falahfakhri, I used SARPROZ for multi-image analysis. It may support the East-west change detection but I do not know how to do that. I thought that the result for the vertical dispşacement can be multiplied with a value to give the horizontal movement but I am not sure.

you should ask in the SARPROZ forum then:

Thanks @ABraun

Hello @ABraun, I have a question about east-west displacement analysis. If you help me, I will appreciate your support. For east-west displacement analysis, do I need to use ascending-descending pair, descending-descending pair, or ascending-ascending pair data for that? If yes, the relative orbit should be the same, right? Also, still SNAP does not support this type of analysis?
Thanks a lot.