Change detection using Sentinel-1 SAR GRD data

Hi there,
I am trying to perform change detection using temporal SAR GRD image for flood inundation mapping. I have created graph that executes a Sentinel-1 GRD workflow for change detection that consists of following processing steps.

  • Apply Orbit File
  • Thermal Noise Removal
  • Border Noise Removal
  • Calibration
  • Speckle filtering (lee 3 x 3)
  • Terrain flattening
  • Range Doppler Terrain Correction
  • Mosaic
  • Co-registration
  • Change detection
  1. I would like to know whether my approach is correct ? Thanks in advance.
  2. when i am

Have you looked at the flood mapping tutorial on the main SNAP tutorials page? It has a complete workflow for the flood detection steps.

I don’t know much about using the dedicated change detection tool (I’m new to remote sensing), and the help page for it seems to be broken. Normally I just use the different points in time as different color channels and look for non-white colors, or I use layers to quickly toggle back and forth and look for changes.