Change fapar band color(snappy)

I have created the fapar and lai band etc with the BiophysicalOp operator using snappy. I notices that the products are in grayscale. Is it possible to change the color of e.g. fapar using snappy?? Thank you!

In the faraway past there was BEAM which begat SeaDAS 7. NASA added some enhancements to color management. Many NASA products are NetCDF4-CF files
with an embedded color LUT. BEAM had beampy, which begat snappy. I have uploaded (3.8 KB) (mostly stolen from BEAM posts) which is intended to generate a color PNG image of the specfied band that is similar to what you get using the GUI. Many of my BEAM scripts work using snappy after simple edits – but this one may rely on NASA enhancements.

Thank you for your answer! However, since I am new to SNAP/SNAPPY I would appreciate a more guided/specific answer since I am not quiet sure what changes I should make to your script. Thank you again.

Updating my collection of beampy scripts for snappy is on my list of things to do, but I have more urgent demands on my time. I would start by replacing the beampy references with snappy. Some parts of the script should correspond to the snappy examples so you can check there for changes to names and arguments of functions. Goggle can be very helpful finding example code fragments.