Chlorophyll a and TSM data retrieval from C2RCC

Hello. I’m trying to retrieve chl a and tsm value from s2a image. I resampled the image to 10m using the resample processor and then c2rcc.

  1. When I tried to insert a point to the chl a/tsm layer to obtain the value it said nan cause the point wasn’t even in the image. Is there something i’ve done wrong/missed?
  2. Is there any way to export the chl a/tsm layer only?
    Thank you.

I don’t understand your problem fully. Maybe you can attach some images of your results to show the problem.
NaN can be in the C2RCC results if CHL/TSM couldn’t be computed for some reason, e.g. over land.
You can investigate the provided flags for the reason of missing value.

After processing C2RCC you can create a subset of the product and export it. This way you can create products with only TSM/CHL layer.

I wanted to obtain the TSM and Chl data from in situ points (.shp) is there anyway I can do that?
Also, I tried to create subsets of the conc TSM and Chl layers and the exported files turned out to be unc_apig and unc_btot. Are those the right layers to obtain the absolute concentration? Thank you