Cirrus correction

Dear community,

can someone please confirm if the cirrus correction is working? I have tried it, and it seems not to work? Does anyone have an idea about this? Has anyone successfuly performed the correction?


Hallo Ognjen,

cirrus correction works fine for thin cirrus clouds. You have in your image quite thick cirrrus (if it is cirrus and not other cloud) which could not be corrected complete.
Nevertheless it is an interesting example which I would like to further investigate. Can you please provide me the L1C product details (product and granule name or acquisition date and location).


Hello bdpg,

thanks for your reply. I used
More precicely, it’s granule

I am not sure cirrus removal is working, because of the 55th page of Sentinel-2 MSI – Level 2A Products Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document :

Could you please povide me the names of some products with thin cirrus clouds where corrections is working? I only checked this particular product.


Dear Ognjen,

please expect no perfect tool for cirrus removal. Cirrus correction is implemted in Sen2Cor and working. The example I attach you is not the best, but it shows that cirrus correction works and has an effect. Note, that at Pin1 there is also thin cirrus, even if I marked in that plot “not under cirrus”. I meanwhile investigated that cirrus correction has no effect on pixels really without cirrus.
The product I used is: S2A_OPER_MTD_SAFL1C_PDMC_20160113T095059_R030_V20160101T000915_20160101T000915.SAFE
Granule: T55HFA


cirrus-correction-example.pdf (563.5 KB)

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