Could anyone here help me on how to classify a DEM image in SNAP?

Thank You

can you please give an example what you mean by classify a DEM?

Thank you for your reply. I got a LiDar acquired geotiff rasters under which I got some DEM files and need to classify it. How can I do that in SNAP? I don’t know much about SNAP though. Could you please help me?

what kind of classes do you need? Sorry, I don’t understand.

Could you please be elaborate on “kind of classes”?

classification means that you take continuous data and aggregate it into separate classes.
For example, multi-spectral images are classified into different classes of landuse and landcover, e.g. urban, forest, water…

I don’t understand what you want to classify from a digital elevation model, because it consists of height values which are not directly related to landcover.

Whats the spatial resolution of your DEMs?

do you mean the classification of landforms like here?


or do you mean the classification of objects in lidar data like here?

I see, thank you. SNAP does not really support the classification of high resolution elevation data from point clouds.

Maybe you need specialized software, such as CouldCompare, SAGA or GRASS GIS.

Here are nice collections of software packages

Thank You so much