Cloudless mosaic problem

Hi, I need help with mosaicing in snap. I tried to create “cloudless” mosaic in SNAP from two overlapping images with different aqusition time. I masked cloud and shadows on these images (for testing I used only B6 band) and then I used multi-size mosaic operator (mosaic_type_overlay). The result shows up (it looks OK) but after zooming in or exporting the result (JPG, geoTiff) they were lost. I saw just “black” image. Thank you.

In navigation window I can see my result. In image window, I zoom in and my result has changed.

I don’t know what happens here with the multi-size mosaic. Maybe @kraftek or @obarrilero can have look. In the meantime, you can try a two-step approach.
First, resample the products you want to mosaic and then apply the general mosaicking processor.
Not nice, but maybe a viable workaround.