Coherence Detection with S1 SLC and GRD data on SNAP

Hi all,

I want to do a coherence detection on SNAP with S1 GRD and SLC time series imagery with VV VH polarizations and IW swath. I want to focus on minimum and maximum values in parcels of land on an AOI. How would one approach this?

you can calculate coherence as shown in this tutorial. Instead of “Interferogram formation”, there is also a separate module which only computes coherence. Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry
GRD products only contain intensity (not usable for coherence estimation).
I advise only to use coherence images of products from the same track, different incidence angles and look directions have a large impact and are not comparable in the end.
As a last step, you can terrain correct the coherence images of the different image pairs and then investigate the temporal course of coherence with the time series tool or the pin manager. You can also calculate statistics for polygons. Many examples are given here: Time-series analysis with Sentinel-1