Collocate more than 2 products


Is there a way to collocate/stack more than two products at the same time? I have been looking on the forum and there are only references to do it with two products.

I am working with Sentinel-3 OLCI and I need to collocate several products per week to derive mean pixel values (using band math)


Collocation is only for two products. You could do it in a loop, but if you want calculate mean pixels you should have a look at the L3 Binning ( Raster / Geometric Operations).

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@marpet, when you say ‘do it in a loop’ you mean in the GUI (changing the master and slave each time) or trough GPT. If GPT is the solution, should it be something similar to the bulk processing approach of this guide where the variables are change for each iteration?


I had GPT in mind. Following the guide you could loop over your products. But considering that you want to derive mean pixel values I still think that binning would be the better option.