Combine Bands into Single File

I have two separate files (native SNAP format i.e. *.dim) containing band 2 and band 3 imagery. I would like to combine them into a single file but have been unable to find a way so far. I tried colocation and band maths from earlier posts but these don’t seem to do it. I also explored the Layer Manager but the file type is not an option when adding a new layer. This is trivial in ENVI using a few key strokes so I’m assuming it is also trivial in SNAP. Any suggestions to point me in the right direction.

There is BandMerge operator in GPT I believe.

Hint: If Collocate and BandMaths didn’t work, check for pixel size and geolocation of your files, if there is something amiss you will have to remake the files.


Thanks for the response. My files are identical in size and resolution so that’s not the problem. I don’t want to have to learn yet another application so I will just combine the files in ENVI. We received the files in JPEG2000 format but ENVI could not see any geo information so refused to handle them. I therefore sub-setted them in SNAP and saved in ENVI format and this did the trick - ENVI combined two of the single band files into a two band file in a few keystrokes. I thought SNAP would be able to do the same in its GUI but obviously not - bit of an omission if you ask me.

Actually the ways you have tried should work. Did you get an error message or what happend? Doing it with BandMath should be the easiest way.