Combine two S-1 SLC IW products without geometric?

My research area is covering in two S-1 SLC products.

I wanna combine two S-1 SLC IW products without geometric method because I hope they can keep “sar” products. If they become geometric images(ex: sat-mosaic) that I can’t continue to analyze(ex: interferometric, unwrap…)

I hope to combine this two S-1 SLC IW products into one product. I split IW3 two bursts(up) and another IW3 two bursts(down). Take a look at the picture below.

Please experts on this platform give me some advises or answers to solve the question!!!

you mean you want to keep your data in radar geometry (slant range) instead of converting it to ground range geometry?

You can try the Sentinel-1 Slice Assembly Tool


I try this method right now!!

Thank you for helping me!! This method is useful~~

Dear ABraun ,
I wanna combine IW1 and IW2 interferograms. But using Sentinel-1 Slice Assembly tool I’m not getting. Please tell me the steps.


Hello. The region I’m trying to generate the displacement image is between two IW. So, now I want to do something like merge or anything else to process.
I tried S-1 TOPS Merge after S-1 TOPS split and then S-1 TOPS deburst.
But I won’t be able to do the back-geocoding and the rest.
What should I do?

Follow the tutorial(s) that teach you to generate S-1 interferograms. You will only see the displacement well if the ground-movement is substantial compared with the atmospheric artefacts, which are always present.

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Thank you for your reply, but I know how to generate interferograms and displacements.
This picture shows that the actual ground displacement is between two IWs (Left Down).

I don’t think that is displacement but simply atmosphere that has been highlighted by the weird colourmap. There’s a huge perceptual difference in a tiny change from about 0.041 to 0.044. You should switch to a colourmap with uniform or linearly changing brightness, for example from the cubehelix family of colourmaps.