Command line processing - loosing geographic info

I have been processing a lot of Sentinel-1 GRD data from the command line using a very simple graph that has the following nodes: ApplyOrbitFile->Calibration->TerrainCorrection->Subset

Up until this week the output has given me Sigma0_VV and Sigma0_VH bands that have the correct latitude and longitude information associated with each pixel.

Now when I use exactly the same graph on exactly the same data I have 2 bands in the output product called the generic names band1 and band2 and all the geographic information is missing.

I have repeated the same processing flow from the desktop SNAP 7.0 and I get the correct results ie correctly named bands and the correct geographic information.

The only thing that I guess could be going wrong is the Terrain Correction.

Whether or not this is the cause I upgraded from SNAP 6 to SNAP 7 fairly recently although I do not know whether or not the problem started at the same time.

did you maybe change the output data type from DIMAP to GeoTiff?

I’ve been always been outputting Geotiffs so yes I have set the output to Geotiff but I have been doing the same for the last year with no problems.

I have not changed any of the processing flow in any way. Up until recently my Geotiffs have had correctly named bands ie Sigma0_VV, Sigm0_VH and have contained the correct geographic information

Is there a difference between how Geotiffs are handled between 6.0 and 7.0?

I have rolled back to using SNAP 6.0 and everything is now correct ie my bands are corretly named and I have my geographic information back.

So whether by design or by a new system bug SNAP 7.0 does not produce correct Geotiff files when used from the command line. Well at least not for Sentinel-1 GRD data …

I would be interested to know whether this is expected behaviour