Compressing *.SAFE products


Since some time ago that I am struggling to compress *.SAFE products from Sentinel-1 back to *.zip in order to be able to open them with the s1tbx.
In other words: when I decompress a *.zip product to extract the *.SAFE and later I compress it back to create the *.zip, then I am not able to open it with the SNAP tbx.
The error message is then the following:

This happens even without modifying the product.
Any idea?


Can you send the log file?
After the error occurred go to Help / Show Log Directory in the menu.
Attache the file to your post. Maybe in this file, it is visible where and why the error happens.

But usually, you don’t need to extract the entire content of a zip file. You can simply drag out the manifest file as a copy and then close the zip file.

Thanks Marco,

Indeed, dropping the manifest file in the product explorer works!
I discovered also an error in the manifest files I am creating myself. But this I can manage to fix it.

SEVERE [org.esa.snap]: measurement / s1b-s6-grd-hh-20171028t101244-20171028t101310-008028-00E2F2-001.tiff not found
SEVERE [org.esa.snap]: measurement / s1b-s6-grd-hv-20171028t101244-20171028t101310-008028-00E2F2-002.tiff not found
[input=/Users/franciscocebavega/Desktop/Monthly Activities/Up_Down_Chirp/SM6/IS3/DownChirp/S1B_S6_GRDH_1SDH_20171028T101244_20171028T101310_008028_00E2F2_20EA.SAFE/]:

Best Regards