Condition of compute on Band Math of SNAP

Hi dears,

I need to calculate a equation of evapotranspiration (ration between ET/ETo) based on NDVI, but I only want calculate the ratio ET/ETo when the NDVI is greater than 0.0 and less than 1.0.
It is possible add this condition on compute?

Below follow my equation on Band Math:

exp(1.8+((-0.008)(T0_Celsius/(NDVI Albedo_superficie))))

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Yes, you can do it.
You can select it from the Operators drop-down menu in the GUI.

You can use

IF <expression> THEN <then_case> ELSE <else_case>
<expression> ? <then_case> : <else_case>

So you could do something like:

(NDVI > 0.0 && NDVI < 1.0) ? your_expression : NAN

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