Convert Datatype Operator - scale data between certain values

Dear all,

I would like to explore the texture information in several SAR images. I plan to use the following workflow:

  1. Apply orbit file (only for Sentinel-1 images)
  2. Calibrate (to gamma, to correct for the effect of incidence angle)
  3. Deburst (only for Sentinel-1 images)
  4. Terrain correction
  5. Data conversion
  6. Mask (I am only interested in a certain part of the images)
  7. GLCM (texture analysis)

My main question is the following: I want to scale every image between 0-255, before the relative step of GLCM texture analysis. For 0 I want to use a certain value (let’s say -19dB) and for 255 another (-10dB). I want to have this specific range for all the SAR images. Can I use the Convert Datatype operator to do so? I cannot find where to specify my min. and max. values if I select ‘Truncate’. Could anyone help me with this?

Furthermore; do you think this workflow is appropriate for texture analysis?

Thank you in advance!

~ Sophie