Convert/Export data to HDF5 error

Hi thanks for this.

I used "Convert Datatype" to convert data (BEAM-DIMAP format) to hdf5 format, error happened. It showed "Type: OperatorException, Message:Not able to write product file:XX". I didn't get any result file.

I used File->Export->HDF5, it showed "HDF5 library error:Unknown Error". But a result file ended with ".h5" was generated!

How to convert the format correctly and with no error info?

The Convert Datatype operation is only used to convert the data type of a band. For example from float32 to integer. It is not changing the format.

File / Export / HDF5
This should be the way to go.
Do you see more information in the log file. (Help / Show Log Directory --> messages.log files)
Which opearting system do you use and which SNAP version. If SNAP 5, have you updated all modules?


The system is windows 10 and SNAP version is SNAP 5.0. , the S3TBX is 5.0.3. I updated the plugins. How to update other modules?

If you go to Tools / Plugins you should see all outstanding updates. If no are visibile you are up-to-date.

I already went to Tools->Plugins->Updates to update some modules and I don’t see any outstandings. But the error still exists.

I also found that the hdf5 output file was not complete. I cleared the log contents,and File->Export->HDF5. The same error happened, but log files didn’t record anything.

Can you help me?

Sorry, I’ve no other idea. Maybe you try the SNAP 6 preview version. Make a clean installation. This could help. Maybe.