Coregister s-1 with different sub swath

Hi all,
I would like to coregister two S-1 data.
My study area is located in sub swath 3 (IW3) in the master and in the sub swath 1 (IW1) in the slave image.
It is possible to coregister them? How?
In this case, since the sub swaths are not the same, I need to terrain correct each image first?
I would be appreciate if someone could help me.

Interferometry of two products from different orbits/tracks is not possible, just to go sure.

I recommend Split, Deburst, Terrain Correction pg both and then coregistration of the outputs (with geolocation instead of orbit in the second tab)

Thank you ABraun,
I have used the workflow that you have suggested me and it works.
On the other side, I have read that the DEM-Assissted Coregistration also works well… however, I could not obtain any result… I have tried to coregister the two terrain corrected images using this tool and the process falls. A “0” note appears without any result. Do you know why?
Many thanks in advance.

In case you didn’t test it, give it a try with SRTM 1Sec Auto Download instead

Are the sub-swaths coverage (in km) (IW1, IW2, and IW3) of the Sentinel SLC product vary based on the acquisition (different for different products) or are they same irrespective of the acquisition?. Can I find the swath length (in km or m) of each sub-swath in the product metadata?
Thanks in advance