Coregisteration is not correct!

I opened this window, but ‘coregisteration residuals Tab’ was completely empty!! and as you can see in the image, the baseline is a large number !! Is the wrong orbit file downloaded?
I chose the same bursts in both images!

the perpendicular baseline looks suspicious. Can you please post the image IDs of both products in here?

my images :

thank you.

As both belong to the same track, the baseline should be smaller 150 meters at least.

What were the steps you applied on the images before BackGeocoding?

The baseline should be smaller or greater than 150 meters? The images have the 120 meters baseline.
Because there were no better images.
steps :
Tops Split - Applying Orbit File - Back Geocoding and Enhanced Spectral Diversity Respectively.

I meant from a technical perspective, Sentinel-1 baselines cannot be larger than 300 meters (most of them are between 20 and 45 meters). So 120 would be reasonable, yes.

Yes that’s right
Now, in your opinion, and according to the previous explanations, where is the problem? I’m really confused!

Looks like a wrong orbit information was inscribed into the product.

Can you compare (in the InSAR Stack Overview):

  • Baseline of both original products
  • Baseline of the products with orbit files applied

Thanks a lot
I did this, but apparently the slave image orbit file was mistakenly downloaded .What solution do you suggest?Is it possible to download the orbit file manually?

Please delete the orbit folder in the SNAP user folder (/home/$User/.snap/auxdata) and apply the orbit files again.
I think something went wrong during this step.

I did it several times and deleted the folder, but it’s still the same!
Is it possible to download manually?
for example from :

Yes, you download them and place them inside thr folder. But I wonder why SNAP takes the wrong orbit.

Have you tried the switching the orbit file source in the operator? Maybe the less precise ones are without error here.

Thank you
Download the file related to the date of the image on this site? And what folder exactly should I place it?
I downloaded it and put it in folder 06 (month of image), but it was the same again!
No, I didn’t try Because the accuracy of the output is important to me

It’s explained here: Error in applying orbit file

Please give it a try to see if the precise orbit is corrupt.

I did it with its own image’s orbit file and the baseline was correct .
the result of geocoding and ESD Respectively is as follows

That means the provided precise orbit is corrupt. Maybe there is a way to report it here:

Thanks a lot
Unfortunately, I did not find a way to report it and I have to try to download a new image.
Thanks again

Is this coregistration product of good quality? I set master band to blue and the slave band in Green and Red windows

Also, can debursting fix this shift?


Perfectly fine. The gap is fixed by Deburst (after interferogram formation)