Coregistering sentinel-1 SLC data


I am trying to coregister the SLC data from sentinel-1 but instead get an error message saying that the toolbox cannot read the image metadata, please advice me on what to do in this case. Find the attached screenshot. The processing also lags and takes too long to reach completion.

This is a TOPS IW SLC product. You should be using the TOPSAR coregistration for these products.

Thank you, I will, is it found in the Sentinel toolbox or do I download it

Ok, I found the TOPS Co-registration on the sentinel-1 toolbox, my problem
now is that the one dataset apparently has missing orbit files. Should I
re-download the data and how do I recognize a dataset with missing orbit
files in future before downloading it?


The precise orbits which it’s looking for here are not in the product - they are automatically downloaded. However, precise orbits are only available about a month after the acquisition. If these are not available, in the apply orbit operator, you could select to use the restituted orbits which are not as precise but still better than what is in the original product. If this is also not available, you could try skipping the apply orbit step but, the result may not be as good. You may see phase jumps.

March.docx (720.2 KB)

I wish to find displacement using Interferometric SAR. Please suggest me which set of images is best for this processing. Snapshots of the stack overview are being attached.

You want to have:

  • Two or more Level-1 SLCs
  • Same Mode, Track, Pass, Polarisation

Then look at the overview to see the baselines:
For deformation, short spatial baselines and temporal baselines will depend on how fast what you are measuring is moving.

March.docx (452.2 KB)

Please Suggest best products depending upon the base lines shown in last 3 snap shots in the attached word doc.