Coregistration with TANDEM-X products

Hi all
Do you have any suggestion for in ‘create stack’ for coregistration?

What would be best options for:

Resampling type?

Initial offset method?

Output extent?

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If you want to make interferometry, I would avoid anything related to resampling which changes the pixel values, so you can select Nearest Neighbor as resampling type and Master for extent.

If you have SAR products of high orbit precision (TSX, Sentinel-1) you should stick to ORBIT as offset method. If your data is already terrain corrected, you better chose Product Geolocation.

Dear @ABraun
Do you know what is the calibrated value for TanDEM-X products? I googled it but did not find it.

this term is not clear for me. Please give an example.
Maybe it has another official term which is better to find.