Correlating HH and VH backscattered values

Dear guys,

I am working on yield estimation of crops using Sentinel-1 data. But my previous model deals with HH polarization (RADARSAT quad pol). Now I need to estimate HH backscattered values using Sentinel-1 VH values for all crops and then determine the yield.

What would be the conversion factor for VH to HH? I read somewhere that, the difference between VH and HH values comes around 8 to 10 dB. But I am not sure about that.

Please guide me.

Satej Panditrao.

I think, there is no direct conversion between VV and HH. Especially for crops, the received signal is significantly different in horizontal and vertical polarization.

Would be interesting where you read about this offset. Of course, depending on the surface, high and backscatter is somehow corresponding between the channel (mostly low on water, mostly high in urban areas), but they contain different information and this difference is the largest for vegetation and crops, because the microwaves are strongly affected by their size, orientation, distance, pattern and so on and this is surely not identical between H and V.