Cosmo SkyMed Coregistration issues

Hi there I’m new to the forum and fairly new to SNAP,

I’ve been trying to coregister 8 HH Cosmo SkyMed Spotlight images using Radar>Coregistration>Coregistration. Prior to this, the images have been processed (Cal,TC). The process runs for about 2 hours and at the end produces an image with 8 bands – one master and seven slaves. The master image has data in it, but the seven slave images are all blank.

I’ve tried changing various parameters - running this process with fewer images, spatially subsetting images, changing the number of GCPs, running the script with just calibrated (not terrain corrected) data, but each time I have the same problem. Is this a known problem? Or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

if your data is already geocoded, you can set the “initial offset method” to “product geolocation” instead of “orbit”. This not only speeds up the processing but also increases the chance that enough GCPs are found during the coregistration.

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