CosmoSky Med - viewing SCS_B data

Hi, I’m trying to open some SCS_B data in SNAP but although it opens it only a very few points appear. There’s certainly nothing that looks like a SAR image. What am I doing wrong?

how did load the data into SNAP?

Can you please share a screenshot of the image you opened.

Hi there.
I loaded it just using the open button (I also tried it a different way by importing CosmoSky data). I then double clicked on ‘intensity’ as instructed in the SNAP manual. After a 10 min or so wait the screen went blank. Unlike last time when I changed the colour ramp and I could see tiny dots, this time the screen is just grey the whole time and there’s nothing to see when I zoom in and out. I think I must be doing something fundamentally wrong even though I thought I was following the manual.

the color range is quite unfortunate (at least you should see all pixels in red).
To re-load the pixel values, please click on the 95% grafik button in the color manipulation tab.

Thanks. I did that, picked a bright colour band, but it’s still all grey. I must be doing something more fundamentally wrong :frowning:

In your screenshot the color range is still 0 to 17 million.
What happens if you enter 150000 as maximum?

Hi, that seemed to work although it does seem a little hit and miss at times. It could just be a very slow refresh rate that I have with my PC (it takes over 4 minutes to visualise a layer). Thanks for your help!

I guess one reason (besides the graphic card and other system capabilities) is that in the selected color scale nearly all values of the raste rfall in the same color (blue) and SNAP ‘thinks’ that the image is correctly loaded already. But if all values have to be re-distributed over the color scale, it takes some time of course.