Could not activate sentinel 3 toolbox module

After installing Kalli linux I tried to install SNAP and I Download also installed but while opening app that look old visual however i updated everything in plugins except one sentinel 3 toolbox module

How to activate that S3 toolbox ?

Thank you


I guess something went wrong during installation of SNAP and the Toolboxes.
Also that these two plugins have these long names indicate that your installation is not healthy.
For me it looks like this

Please try a clean reinstallation. Uninstall SNAP, and then reinstall it.
This should fix the problem

Thanks you , After reinstalling Now in Geometric - Level-3 Binning not shown…

That’s strange.
How have you installed SNAP?
Did you use the ‘Sentinel Toolboxes’ or the ‘All Toolboxes’ installer?
Maybe try other one.

After reinstalling now 38 in list

I may be wrong if any gap there kindly suggest how to do clean and install