Could not download Sentinel-3 content files

Hi, I am new to the Sentinel-3 toolbox.
When I try to install the SNAP 2.0 on my unix, I can install SNAP itself alone but if I choose the option of Sentinel-3 toolbox, it starts showing that ‘Could not download Sentinel-3 Content Files.’. Did anyone have some experience about such error? Is it a firewall issue or installer issue? Any hints are greatly appreciated!

If you have trouble with the downloadable content due to proxy settings, firewall or no internet, you can download the content files separately and place them in the same folder as the installer and then try the installer again.

See the part about toolbox components here.

Bingo! It worked! Thanks a lot!
Now do you know where I can download some proxy data for Sentinel 3 OLCI? :slight_smile:

I found the test data at, but does anyone know where we can find the toolbox user guide? Thanks!

There is no user guide yet. You can find a presentation in the S-3 tutorial section. More tutorials are still in progress, especially regarding general SNAP usage.