CR2CC algorithm in coastal areas

I am using the CR2CC algorithm with sentinel 2 imagery. When the CR2CC writes the output for the iop_bwit, iop_apig, and iop_bpart it states: “Scattering coefficient of white particles at 443 nm(band 1)”. Is there a way to run the CR2CC at other wavelengths using other bands? Or am I just misinterpreting the results?

Thank you!

Inherent Optical Properties (absorption and scattering of the particles in-water) are calculated in this way: “A mean phytoplankton absorption spectrum was derived from NOMAD data set. For this purpose pigment absorption was calculated as the difference apig = ap – ad, where ap is the absorption by particles, and ad by detritus. All absorptions were normalized to the absorption at 443 nm.” Same thing for backscattering.

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