Crash on execute SNAP 6.0 @Ubuntu 16.04

Hello, I tried to install SNAP 6.0 on Ubuntu 16.04.
But after I installed it, I just can not execute it.
The GUI interface just quit unexpectedly.
And I have tried to reinstall it several times, but it didn’t work. :confused:

In some cases, switching the internet off before the start helped.

It could be that you are behind a proxy or the firewall is very strict. Maybe you IT-Admins can help you.

Thank you for your suggestion.
Due to I am using the remote control now, I just cannot try this method.

Oh, thanks for your reply. I will try~

I ran into startup crashes recently on 16.04. They were due to a problem between one of NVidia library and java in between 2 updates. I suspect it is associated with CUDA packages but I cannot confirm.