Create Stack Operator

Hello all,
the Create Stack Operator (from Radar → Coregistration → Stack Tools → Create Stack) is used to merge bands from different products into a single one. The documentation about it in SNAP looks quite outdated: it doesn’t say anything about the ‘Initial Offset Method’ that comes with two options: Orbit or Product Geolocation. In some videos it is suggested to use ‘Product Geolocation’ but it’s not clear why. If I have downloaded a precise orbit file (Radar → Apply Orbit File) I suppose I should use Orbit and not Product Geolocation. I do not have enough information to make a proper choice. Can anyone tell which is the best choice ? Thanks in advance.

Orbits are in general more accurate. Whether this matters depends on the quality of the Product Geolocation and your application.

ps. thank you for the report on outdated help info