Create subset of Sentinel 1 IW SLC for interferometry

Dear All,
I have downloaded Sentinel 1 IW SLC images for creating interferometry to access the mining caused subsidences in Upper Silesia (Poland) in Rybnik Industrial Region.
-My problem is the following: These Sentinel 1 images are fairly large and i don’t want to process all images for interferometry (it would be never ending in time…). My question is that, how to cut and create subsets for the same study site - using one shp file (e.g. a polygon).

Second question is that, how to download images for interferometry from the site with selection of small baseline, because there is no option for it. Or there is no option to download only the required part of the image and not to download the all 4,5 Gb image?

For subsetting an S1 TOPS SLC you may use the “S1 TOPS Split” operator, by which you may reduce the image to a selected sub-swath. Unfortunately, currently this is the smallest part of the scene you can perform InSAR on. In the coming release users will be able to select at a burst level which will allow to reduce further the size.

You cannot download part of an acquisition. It might be in the future that other option is implemented. Also there is no information on the baseline a priori. However, please consider that the dispersion of perpendicular baselines of S1A data is generally small due to the systematic control of orbital tube.

Thank You very much for the help, I will try this option.

I have a question
how can we have 2 subset in different image like each other?, with same coordinate!

But in case you deburst your images, you could do so From Raster…> Subset